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Day 3: Visiting Orphanage

Today we visited one of the orphanages that missionary Ron helps with. It’s located outside of the city, so it was a great encouragement to the Thai couple that leads it to receive us as their guests for lunch, fellowship and prayer.

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I keep looking at the pictures and an idea came to me!!’ I can design a beautiful coffee table book for all of you! You just have to take a little time to tell me what you want written with what pictures. I design gorgeous albums and I can order them through my lab for all of you at cost to try to help you save some money. It’s just a thought??

I think it would be awesome to have something like that at your fingertips all put together to look at over the years! If any of you are interested just let me know! I would love to do that for you!!!!😃👍🏻

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