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Day 4 of Conference

Today we finished up the Hmong pastors conference. We were so blessed to celebrate communion with them last night. we also were able to capture several of their stories on video. It’s humbling to hear them talk about their lack of religious freedom and the intensity of the persecution they face everyday. And yet, they are pressing forward and eager to return home to apply what they have learned.

Tomorrow our team travels to Myanmar to teach over the weekend at a Bible college.

Pray for the Hmong pastors to return home safely and to be able to apply what they learned.

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Thank you for sharing! I love the way you taught about the tree with the roots! I always am very careful about my own heart and how it can be hidden under ground but that it is the root to everything! God is a God after people's heart's! We can't go out and be his disciples and share His Good News until we surrender and allow God to work on our own heart's first. It is the only way that God can equip us to be prepared to do His work through us! Thank you for sharing and thank you for traveling all the way across the world to let God use you! So many will be blessed becaus…

Me gusta
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