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Stories Coming Soon...

The trip for 2020 is done but the ministry certainly isn’t.

Several video stories were captured on our trip that we want to share with you. In March we will begin posting these stories here to help spur you on in prayer for the Hmong pastor and churches scattered around Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

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Mark I can't say enough how grateful I am that you are taking the time to post all of this and letting someone like me have the privilege to experience this through all of you! It means a great deal to me. I probably will never get to do anything like this in my lifetime. It's so exciting to see other's being used by God in such interesting and powerful ways. Sometimes, being a woman, I often feel very limited in how I can serve to glorify God. It's frustrating when you love him soooooo MUCH! But, like I said, it's such an honor to have the opportunity through this blog to be able to see what God ha…

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